Flirc USB

Use any Remote with your Media Center.

Flirc USB

Use any Remote with your Media Center.

What is Flirc?

Flirc allows you to pair any remote control with your computer or media center. Just walk through our super simple cross platform pairing application, and you're done. Use your previously paired remote with no additional software on any machine with flirc.




Simple Gui makes pairing easy

Works on any operating system

We work with Logitech©

Select a Flirc Logitech device.
No pairing is needed.

A Top Selling Accessory for Amazon FireTV

Use any remote on your FireTV

Developer SDK

SDK integration allows you to use
Flirc in your own applications

Technical Specs

Laser Engraved Stainless Steel, ABS Black Plastic
Installed Dimensions
15mm x 16.6mm x 8mm (LxWxH)
Shipping Dimensions
90mm x 60mm x 15.5mm (LxWxH)
IR Transmitter
35 ft (line of sight)
IR Receiver
38 KHz



What is Flirc's range?

Although Flirc's range depends on the strength of the remote control you are using, it will work up to 20 feet away with most remotes. Like all infrared (IR) devices, Flirc works best when it's placed in the line of site of the remote control.


I have a Harmony One remote, how do I use Flirc with my Harmony One and FireTV?

Launch the Harmony software and add a new device as follows:
Device: Media Center PC
Manufacturer: Flirc
Model: FireTV / Kodi / Plex


Can I use my TV remote control with Flirc?

Yes, you can use your TV remote control with Flirc as long as your remote control has enough unused buttons and your TV does not respond to the ones you wish to pair with Flirc. We recommend using a universal remote control with Flirc for the best results.


I'm an advanced user, can I pair flirc on a headless machine?

Yes, absolutely. Every software release on Linux/Mac/Windows ships with a commandline version of the pairing software which provides the same functionality as the GUI version.


Are there any remote controls that are incompatible?

Please visit the following site: TBD


What versions of Linux are supported?

Flirc hosts debian repositories, but the software is statically built to work on any distribution of Linux.


Can I map more than one remote button to the same function on my media center?

Yes, record each button independently.


Can I map more than one function to the same remote button?

No, unfortunately, this is a limitation with nearly all remote controls controllers.


When will the new software features get released?

We will be doing sprints. Both will be complete in the first quarter of 2016, beta releases will be released much sooner.


Does Flirc work with the FireStick and New Amazon FireTV

Yes, a cheap cable like this will work: or this one will work too

Flirc USB

Use any Remote with your Media Center.